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This site is dedicated to the enjoyment of tequila. We have tequila drinks, tequila stories, and links. Warning: the information on these pages is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. I am not recommending that you become an alcoholic and neglect your family in favor of tequila and if you do get blasted and do something stooopid, don't come bitchin' to me. Nuff said.

I have taken some grief recently about the name of this site since it is not strictly about shots. That's right, this site is really about good quality sipping tequila, the kind you enjoy slowly and savor the experience. The goal of this site is to have some fun, learn a little about tequila, and enjoy some of the really great tequilas available today. If you decide you want more detailed information there are references on the links page that can provide as much info as you can stand.
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Much of the data contained on this site has been collected from various other sources, some of which you will find listed on the Links page and some has been taken from personal experience. You can click on the tequila slammin' dude at the bottom of any of the other pages to bring you back here.

Please e-mail me any comments, suggestions, interesting links, and especially recommended tequilas, stories, and recipes.

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