Tequila Drink Recipes

General comments: No matter what you do, don't ever use that crappy powdered mix. You can resort to using prepared mixes and the frozen brands are generally pretty good for the basics. Some of the others that you just add the alcohol to are adequate, but if you are serious about your drinks, always mix with juice and add all the ingredients from scratch for that homemade taste. Oh yeah, and possibly the most important, don't scrimp on the tequila, make sure you get a decent brand 'cause tequila is like any other drink, you get what you pay for. See the Tequila Taste Test for some comparisons.

Tequila Shots - One shot tequila, salt, and a lime wedge. Fill shot glass with tequila, grasp the lime between the thumb and index finger of your "off" hand, lick that little pudgy area between the two fingers holding the lime, sprinkle some salt on the aforementioned pudgy area, lick the salt, slam the shot down, and bite the lime. Nothing to it!

Tequila Body Shot - This is a two person game so you need a partner and the basic tequila shot ingredients. The only difference is that you lick your partner's neck or other lickable body part, sprinkle the salt there, then do the shot as previously described. Be creative, but remember that salt can burn!

Classic Margarita - Two ounces tequila, one ounce Triple Sec, one tablespoon lime juice, and one lime wedge. Rub the lime slice around the rim of a glass and press into coarse salt. Mix the remaining ingredients with three or four ice cubes, shake to cool, and pour into salted glass. If you want to be foo-foo you can put the lime wedge on the rim of the glass for show or use it for a shot (see above).

Frozen Margarita - One 6-ounce can of frozen limeade, 8 ounces tequila, 2 ounces Cointreau or 3 ounces good Triple Sec, and about five hand fulls of ice. Add all ingredients to blender and crank it until smooth. Pour into salt rimmed glass and enjoy.

Tequila Sunrise - Two ounces tequila, orange juice, and ice in a highball glass then drizzle about two ounces of Grenadine over the ice and watch the sunrise.

Christmas Tequila - In a bottle of blanco tequila add a small box of raisins and two cinnamon sticks. Close and let age at least three months. Check it out.