The anejos are aged in wood casks for at least one year and some may be aged for up to four years. The wood imparts a smoothness similar to a good bourbon or scotch, but can destroy some of the agave flavor. Best for sipping because they will generally be overpowered by a mixer like the lime juice in a margarita.





Casa Noble Anejo

This is an excellent tequila, certainly near the top of anyone's list and one of the best we have tried. Very smooth with a sweet aftertaste. CN has recently lowered their prices to be priced under Patron, which in my book is not even close to the quality of Casa Noble. NOM 1137


Tequila XQ

This is an excellent tequila, very smooth with a manageable bite and very little aftertaste. Good for any occasion. NOM 1360

 Don Eduardo Anejo Subtle earthy aroma with a sweet almost licorice flavor. Very smooth with very little burn. NOM 1110

 Del Dueno Anejo Nice peppery burn and sweet aftertaste. NOM 1146


 El Tesoro Anejo

Good sharp alcohol aroma with dry sweet flavor and lingering sweet aftertaste.


 El Conquistador Anejo

Another good moderately priced anejo, not too strong, good balanced aroma and nice taste. NOM 1068


 Jose Cuervo Anejo

Very mellow with a strong woody taste as evidenced by the darker amber color. NOM 1104


 Hussongs Anejo

Hussongs Anejo is also a very nice tequila, not as "oaky" as some of the others, but smooth with a subtly sweet aroma and good burn. Nice sweet finish. NOM 1143


 Chinaco Anejo

Slightly woody with alcohol aroma, initial sweet taste with moderate full mouth burn. Lingering dry sweet aftertaste. NOM 1127


Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo

Another good sipping tequila, woody like the other Jose Cuervo, but just as smooth with a little more kick.


Tequila Lapis Anejo 

Another great bottle, dark blue pyramid with gold lettering. Tequila is good top shelf brand suitable for sipping.  NOM 1146


Sauza Conmemorativo Anejo

Actually a very nice low price tequila. Can be sipped or used in margaritas. Not 100% agave, but an excellent mixto.