The reposados have been "rested" in oak for at least two months, but less than one year. They are generally smoother than the blancos, with a light straw color, but have more of the agave flavor than the anejos.





Casa Noble Reposado

Without a doubt the best reposado I have tried. Subtle earthy aroma, very smooth agave flavor with slight woody aftertaste. NOM 1137


Cabo Wabo Reposado

This is an excellent reposado, starts sweet with a strong finish. This is one of the best reposados I have tried. NOM 1426


 El Tesoro Reposado

Subtle agave aroma with smooth, dry, earthy flavor. Highly recommended.


 Hussongs Reposado

This is also a great little reposado, nice burn at first then smoother with good strong agave flavor. NOM 1143


Milagro Reposado

Pale straw color with crisp agave and alcohol aroma. Good strong burn lingering on the gums with a sweet aftertaste. NOM 1420


 Galardon Reposado

Crisp alcohol and agave aroma with a warm sweet flavor and slight full mouth burn. NOM 1102


 El Jimador Reposado

Nice earthy agave aroma with good full mouth alcohol burn. Slightly bitter.


 La Perseverancia Reposado

Sharp alcohol aroma with warm sweet taste. Slight alcohol aftertaste. NOM 1102


Herradura Reposada

Good top shelf tequila, not as smooth as some others, but great for a top shelf margarita.


Tenoch Reposado

Strong alcohol aroma, initial sweet flavor with moderate lingering throat burn, slightly "mediciney" aftertaste. Cap is a small shot glass. NOM 1360


 Hornitos Reposado

Strong alcohol aroma, slightly sweet and reasonably smooth but not a lot of taste, slight aftertaste and slightly bitter at back of throat.


Buscadores Reposado

Sharp alcohol aroma with a slight dry burn and bitter aftertaste. Makes a good margarita. NOM 1414


Cazadores Reposado

Not as smooth as the others, with more of an alcohol burn.